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Media Spray Foam InsulationSpray foam insulation is such an incredible solution that even contractors are using it in their homes!

AGL Spray Foam visited a retired contractor in Media who was busy building his dream home. He wanted to take advantage of the bare studs to install spray foam insulation along the walls and ceiling.

This stunning home will be the perfect place for our client to enjoy his retirement. Not only is it a well built home certain to last for generations, but it is also being built to passive house standards, making it a net energy producer. That means that the home will actually produce more energy than it consumes!

The 14.5″ R57 open cell spray foam that we applied to the walls and cathedral ceiling areas will keep the home insulated, preventing cool air from seeping out in the summer and locking warm air inside in the winter. Forty solar panels and a geothermal HVAC system will contribute to the home’s energy efficiency. The exterior walls are double framed to eliminate all thermal bridging from the exterior to the interior.

AGL Spray Foam was pleased to help this contractor build the perfect home to sit back relax, enjoy retirement, and save money on his utility bills!

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Media Spray Foam Insulation Photos