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Installation Process

AGL Spray Foam takes great care to ensure your project is completed as promised.

Preparing Your Home For Foam

Before the project, AGL recommends the following:


Please provide parking as close to your home as possible the day of spraying. Once the equipment is set up, it must remain in place for the duration of the installation. If parking is an issue, please discuss this with your AGL representative ahead of time.


AGL may need to tie into your main electrical panel in order to operate our equipment. Please provide clear access to the panel.

Personal Items

Please remove personal items from the area to be sprayed. AGL will take precautions to cover all immovable items in the foaming area, but we require a reasonable amount of work space to complete our installation.

For basement applications, please ensure all personal items are moved a minimum of 4’ away from any walls we are spraying. For renovations and new construction, please make sure floors are broom swept and debris free.

People & Pets

Due to the aromatic vapors produced during the foaming reaction, only technicians from AGL can be present in the foaming areas during the installation. The foaming area will be ventilated to remove any residual vapors during and after the spraying is completed.

Because of this, we ask that everyone be out of the house and all pets moved to designated areas for the duration of the installation. After our technicians certify the job is complete, it is okay to re-enter the application areas. Please feel free to discuss this with your representative further.

Clear Work Path

Please ensure that our technicians have a clear work path to the foaming areas. If there are breakable items along the work path, please remove them prior to our arrival.

Installation Day

Have a look at a video of a sample installation setup:

On the day of your installation, our professional crew will arrive at the appointed time and:

1 – Park equipment truck in appropriate location.

2 – Be wearing the appropriate company shirts or uniforms with their names clearly displayed.

3 – Meet with the owner/contractor to review the scope of work, the work area, and to answer any questions.

4 – Begin prep for the job (varies with project) – install drop cloths, cover windows, doors, HVAC equipment or other items.

5 – Carefully bring the hose from the truck into the home to begin spraying. The truck generator will be used for power.

6 – Wear respirator and Tyvek protective clothing during active spraying.

7 – Install and run temporary exhaust fans during active spraying.

Job Completion

Once our technicians have completed the installation, please inspect the work and cleanup to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

If you have any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to ask our technicians or call your AGL representative. Please have a check for any balance owed ready for the crew at completion.

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