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Conshohocken Spray Foam InsulationRecently we’ve noticed more and more contractors reaching out to AGL Spray Foam to install spray foam insulation as part of home renovation projects. Since it’s the most reliable and efficient insulation available, we can’t say we’re surprised!

Installing spray foam insulation in a renovated home will offer countless benefits to the homeowner (and the environment) compared to standard insulation.

Not only is it straightforward to install, but it also provides more indoor comfort, dramatically decreases noise pollution from disturbing your family, and drastically improves indoor air quality. As an added bonus, you’ll see your utility bills drop by about 30%, and you’ll use less energy getting your home to that perfect controlled temperature.

With numbers like this, it’s no wonder Bass Construction chose AGL for this latest Conshohocken spray foam insulation project. The home they were renovating had been updated everywhere else; all that was left was a layer of spray foam insulation along the walls to make it the perfect home to live in.

Now that the house is fully insulated, Bass Construction can finish their renovation and bring the homeowner back into their modern, green home. We were thrilled to help yet another local homeowner be comfortable in their own house and save money on their energy bills.

Ready to make your home comfortable and eco-friendly at a price you can afford? Contact AGL Spray Foam today to schedule your in-house consultation.