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West Chester Spray Foam InsulationNo parent ever wants their child to feel uncomfortable or be unable to sleep.

Bedrooms built above garages are notoriously drafty. For a family in West Chester, their child’s upstairs bedroom, bathroom, and closet were virtually unusable in the wintertime.

The homeowners called AGL Spray Foam for their in-home consultation. They were shocked when we discovered that the bathroom and closet walls were poorly insulated and there was no draft blocking under the bathroom. No wonder the child’s room was so frigid in the winter!

We installed spray foam insulation underneath and behind the bathroom. This effective fix was all it took to make the room cozy and comfortable. We were so happy to help this child settle back into their room, which will stay warm all winter long.

A little bit of spray foam insulation goes a long way. If you have a draft room in your home, give AGL Spray Foam a call. Whether you need a quick application or a whole-house insulation, we’ve got you covered!

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