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Schwenksville Spray Foam InsulationBedrooms above the garage always tend to be chillier than the rest of your home. Many homeowners know that insulating the garage ceiling is a quick solution to this problem.

What happens when you’ve invested in garage insulation, and it still isn’t enough?

Contact AGL Spray Foam for help sealing your garage with top-of-the-line, energy efficient spray foam!

At only 15 years old, this house in Schwenksville should have been a relatively efficient home. The builders added lots of insulation in the garage ceiling to help protect the bathroom and bedroom directly above, but it just wasn’t enough.

The homeowner was tired of freezing in their own home. They called AGL Spray Foam to take a look at their garage. We noticed that there was no draft blocking or knee wall insulation installed in the space. No wonder the upstairs was so chilly!

We installed open cell spray foam where it was needed. Instantly, the upstairs began to warm up.

The clients were thrilled to finally be comfortable in their own home – especially the bedroom!

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