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Newtown Commercial Spray FoamIf you live near Newtown, PA, you’ve probably heard plenty of talk about the brand new facility being constructed there – Steeple View.

What you didn’t know is that this facility has gone green thanks to the talented team at AGL Spray Foam!

Sun Pacific Power was responsible for creating an energy efficient, mixed use facility in Newtown, with retail space on the first floor and gorgeous condos above. They wanted to make sure that the future retailers who would rent the first floor space would be comfortable no matter what time of year it was. They called us to the space and asked what we could do to help.

Fortunately, since the building was under construction we had easy access and were pleased to insulate the entire ceiling of the first floor to separate the retail below from the condo units above.

We installed closed cell spray foam under the first floor, as well as around all framing studs throughout this main level. Our experts recommend the right type of spray foam for each project.

Have a commercial project of your own? See more about how AGL Spray Foam can help!

Newtown Commercial Spray Foam Photos