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Spray Foam Insulation in Wayne

Open cell spray foam on the ceiling will keep indoor temps comfy all year long

It takes some serious motivation to squeeze a workout into your daily routine. On those days when you finally find the time to exercise, the last thing you want is to have to work out in discomfort!

AGL Spray Foam recently completed a project in Wayne currently under construction by CWI Builders. The homeowner wanted to make it a little easier to fit their daily workout in by adding a high-end exercise room to their house.

Their biggest concern was avoiding a workout space that was freezing cold in the winter and stifling hot in the summer.

Another worry was with the indoor pool that the homeowner wanted to add to the space. They didn’t want to stress about moisture seeping through the walls and damaging the rest of their brand new home!

With the ideal combination of closed cell spray foam insulation in the pool area and open cell spray foam in the upstairs walls and roof line, the homeowner’s problems were solved.

Not only will spray foam insulation keep the workout space and pool tight and dry, it will also improve air quality. An added bonus is the improved r-value, the result of appropriate air sealing!

Finally, the homeowner has one more reason to squeeze in that extra time for a nice workout, thanks to the experts at AGL Spray Foam!

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