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DuPont Cold Storage Spray FoamWhen it comes to global companies, DuPont has established itself among the elite organizations in the world.

You can imagine how honored we felt with they contracted AGL Spray Foam to convert their Elizabethtown facility into an energy efficient warehouse with cold storage spray foam insulation!

Converting the 45,000 square foot Pioneer warehouse was no tiny feat. It was made even more difficult when we noticed old batt insulation in the ceiling, which was highly inefficient and simply had to go.

Once the batt insulation was removed, AGL Spray Foam applied closed cell spray foam insulation to the ceiling. Unlike batt insulation, spray foam is the best choice for a cold storage facility, as it enables operators to properly control temperatures and humidity. This reduces energy usage and inventory losses.

The DuPont team knew that installing spray foam insulation in their new cold storage facility would be a win-win situation, and we’re thrilled that they chose AGL Spray Foam to help them make the switch. Every storage facility owner should make the switch to spray foam insulation today!

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