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Spray Foam Insulation in AbingtonIn a world of “Do It Yourself,” not every home improvement project should be left up to what you may read in a DIY blog!

After a severe storm, an Abington homeowner’s insulation was ruined by water damage. To try and remedy the situation himself, the homeowner installed spray foam insulation over the old fiberglass batt insulation. He also installed solar panels to try and make his home as efficient as possible.

However, despite his efforts, his home was still cold and drafty in the winter and unbearably hot in the summer. He knew he needed help from an expert to restore comfort to his home, and called AGL Spray Foam for help.

Not only did the AGL team insulate the roof, we also sealed up the basement rim joists with spray foam insulation. These two steps combined will help give the house a much tighter seal by reducing air infiltration.

With a fully insulated home, the homeowner will be able to save much more on his energy bills than through solar panels alone. Talk about an energy efficient house!

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