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Spray Foam Insulation in WayneThere’s no denying that Pennsylvania is home to some amazing architecture.

From modern high rises in Philadelphia to estates built hundreds of years ago along the Main Line, there’s no shortage of attractive places to live and work.

Unfortunately, along with a rich history, older buildings can also come with sky-high energy bills, as these structures are built with outdated, inefficient techniques.

This exact issue was causing a homeowner in Wayne, PA some serious problems. His gorgeous Victorian style house looked stunning on the outside, but the inside was boiling in the summer and frigid in the winter!

AGL Spray Foam immediately noticed the owner’s newly-installed GeoThermal HVAC system. Despite this upgrade in technology, the homeowner was still left with unreasonably high utility bills due to the lack of effective insulation and air sealing.

AGL reviewed the whole house, and determined that spray foam insulation could be installed with some removal to areas of the ceiling and walls.

Installing spray foam insulation in this Victorian home will provide the comfort and savings that GeoThermal just can’t achieve in older, poorly-insulated homes. And the homeowner can sleep in comfort, knowing that AGL Spray Foam’s hard work will save them thousands of dollars on future utility bills!

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Wayne Spray Foam Insulation Photos