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spray foam insulation in maple glenHave you ever heard of a “mansard roof”?

Even if you have never heard of it, we know you’ve seen one before. It’s a roof that has four sides which all slope downward. Halfway down, the sides curve slightly to a steeper angle.

They are a truly unique style of roof, and can make for quite a beautiful visual on a house.

However, when it comes time to install spray foam insulation, they can cause quite a bit of trouble!

A Maple Glen homeowner was renovating their master bathroom and decided to improve the efficiency of their whole house by applying closed-cell spray foam to the roof.

He knew that a mansard roof would be tricky to insulate, but trusted the expertise of AGL Spray Foam to complete the task.

Our team applied a 7″ layer of Lapolla Foam Lok 2000-4G, which provided an R-value of R-49. Incredible!

With complete air sealing, this house will be well-insulated and comfortable, just in time for the chilly winter months.

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Photos of Spray Foam Insulation in Maple Glen