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Barn InsulationWe’ve heard a lot about barn renovations lately.

People have come up with some creative ways to use their barns (aside from storing animals, of course)!

We’ve heard of everything, from repurposing a barn into the perfect place to host a rustic wedding, to building a fully-stocked shop to make any car enthusiast pass out with delight!

Whatever your reason for renovating your barn, AGL Spray Foam wants you to remember one important detail: barn insulation!

Fortunately, our most recent client was on top of the game when it came to his newly-reconstructed barn. After consulting with the AGL team, we came up with the perfect barn insulation solution for the client.

Radiant heating can be combined with spray foam insulation to effectively air seal the barn, achieving maximum temperature distribution and R-value per inch.

Once the radiant heating system was installed into the floors, we got to work with the barn insulation. The AGL team installed 2″ of FOAM-LOK 2000 4G closed-cell spray foam by Lapolla to all exterior walls of the barn.

Now the client will be able to get work done on his car in the comfort of his barn all year long. As an added bonus, he just might be able to put the money he saved by using spray foam insulation towards the purchase of a new car…if his wife says it’s okay!

Contact AGL Spray Foam for your free quote on barn insulation today!

Mullica Hill Barn Insulation Photos