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noise reducing open cell foam Who wants to be bothered by unwanted noise?

There’s no question that undesired commotion is disruptive to any business. Interruptions heard from neighboring businesses that share the same building can be very frustrating.

Just think of the tranquility that could be realized if the walls were properly insulated!

Wellness Quest Chiropractic Center, a large fitness center located in King of Prussia, sought professional help from AGL Spray Foam to reduce the transfer of noise coming from the occupants of the rooms above.

The team at AGL decided to use noise reducing open cell foam to soundproof the rooms and guarantee the owners peace of mind!

Wellness Quest is open for long hours, so the crew at AGL had to work in a specific time window. Our team is no stranger to being flexible with our clients, so we scheduled all of our work during the Center’s off-hours.

To ensure a timely installation, AGL sent two crews on a Saturday afternoon and evening to make sure the project was complete within the client’s desired time frame. AGL is always happy to make accommodations for its customers!

Are you looking to bring some quiet back into your work place? The experts at AGL would be happy to help!

Contact AGL Spray Foam today for a free project consultation!