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Eagleville Spray Foam - CeilingEver notice how hot attics get in the summer?

This is especially common during the summer months, when the hot sun beats down on your house for hours each day.

One homeowner in Eagleville, PA was struggling with this very problem in his Cape Cod-style home. After transforming his attic space into a master suite, it was even more important to find a way to keep the heat out of the second floor addition!

When the local contractor working on the master suite renovations realized the attic’s rising temperatures would cause problems, he didn’t hesitate to call AGL Spray Foam.

After consulting with the experts at AGL, the homeowners chose to install closed cell spray foam along the walls of the second floor addition and roof line.

Installing closed cell spray foam in the addition will provide the homeowner with a very comfortable master suite, avoiding the common complaint of “it’s much hotter upstairs.”

Now the homeowner can rest comfortably in his brand new master suite!

Are you having trouble keeping your house cool during these hot summer months? Contact AGL Spray Foam today for a free consultation!

Eagleville Spray Foam Installation Photos