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Ambler Spray Foam Energy Efficient Insulation installationKeeping cool during the summer months isn’t always easy.

With the sun shining down on your house all day, it’s hard to keep the heat out and a homeowner in Ambler had experienced one too many hot days.

He finally decided to consult with the experts at AGL Spray Foam to relieve the relentless heat that creeps in through his attic!

In June of 2014, the average temperature was 68 degrees. “During this time we used 1,237 kwh of power,” he stated.

After working with AGL and having his attic insulated by our expert team, he saw immediate results. This June, the average temperature was 70 degrees. When we followed up, he said, “Throughout June we have only used 891 kwh of power while keeping the same thermostat settings. This is a huge difference from last year’s usage.”

The homeowner saw a 28% reduction in the power use in his home despite this past June being warmer than last year by an average of 2 degrees.

“I definitely like my cool attic now!”

Are you looking to reduce the amount of energy you use in your home and save money? Contact AGL Spray Foam today for a free consultation!

Ambler Energy Efficient Insulation Photos