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Garnet Valley Home Office Insulation - Attic Spray FoamWorking from home comes with enough challenges as-is.

Comfort shouldn’t be one of them!

A Garnet Valley homeowner was sick and tired of the freezing temperature of their home office, which was built in a room directly above their garage.

AGL Spray Foam inspected the house and discovered a very clear lack of proper insulation and air sealing around the garage and knee walls throughout the house.

We set to work immediately, applying spray foam insulation to the attic to properly insulate the space. We then moved on to the knee walls, which proved to be quite a challenge as they added very odd angles to the wall spaces requiring insulation.

Fortunately, our team of certified Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Specialists maneuvered around these complex areas with ease, and the house was lined with appropriate insulation in no time!

Thanks to AGL’s hard work and quick turnaround time, the homeowner was able to get back to work immediately in their comfortable, well-insulated home office!

You deserve to be comfortable in every room of your home! If you’re suffering from drafty rooms and cold temperatures in your house, proper insulation just might be the solution for you!

Contact AGL Spray Foam for your spray foam insulation estimate today!