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Spray foam insulating a trailerYou heard us correctly! Spray foam has gone mobile!

At AGL Spray Foam, we can help with any project…even ones that are on the move!

The owner of a 21′ AirStream Travel Trailer was ready to hit the road for a year-long trip across the United States. With all the different climates he’d be cutting through, he wanted to make sure the journey would be comfortable 24/7.

He contacted AGL to see if we could insulate his trailer with spray foam to make the space energy-efficient. He figured it was a long-shot…but was surprised when our answer was “Yes!”

Our team completely gutted the trailer and installed closed-cell spray foam to the whole interior, as well as the undercarriage.

Now this Airstream will be the most comfortable and energy-efficient trailer on the road!

No matter what the project is, we’ve got the tools and expertise to help you get it done! Contact AGL Spray Foam for more information and to get your free project evaluation today!

Trailer Insulation Photos