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Energy Audits

Before you spend thousands of dollars on insulation, new windows, a new roof or new heating and cooling equipment, AGL Spray Foam recommends a Whole House Energy Audit to make sure you are investing your money in the right areas of your home.

The core of the AGL Whole House Energy Audit is The Diagnostic Building Inspection.

This state-of-the-art “whole house” inspection evaluates health and safety, durability, comfort and energy efficiency and provides the information needed to recommend the best solutions to your specific building performance situation.

This approach has been endorsed by the Home Performance with Energy Star Program, BPI, RESNET, and others. All of AGL’s Project Managers are BPI certified to conduct these comprehensive whole house energy audits.

Home energy audit

Diagnostic Building Inspection Process

Customer Interview

We begin each inspection by asking our customers about their specific concerns and about their long-term goals and concerns for their property.

We also ask about comfort and maintenance concerns they are experiencing and about health conditions such as asthma, allergies, and headaches that may be caused or made worse by conditions within the building.

Visual Inspection

Our BPI, RESNET certified inspectors perform a thorough basement-to-attic visual inspection to spot existing and potential problems, including mold, peeling paint, and damaged or malfunctioning heating or cooling systems, appliances, etc.

Digital photos are taken of all areas of concern and included in your final Home Performance Report.

Combustion Safety & Efficiency

After our thorough physical inspection, we prepare for a complete series of safety combustion zone tests. We will test all furnaces, boilers, water heaters, and gas stoves for carbon monoxide and fuel leaks and evaluate cooling and heating efficiency.

Typical tests include:

  • Air handler flow and heat rise
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Chimney draft
  • Combustion appliance zone depressurization
  • Duct leakage (Visual Inspection)
  • Gas leak detection (natural gas and propane)
  • Steady state efficiency (SSE)
  • Smoke (oil systems)

Pressure Diagnostics

AGL uses digital pressure gauges and a powerful fan known as a ‘blower door’ to pinpoint air leakage paths through the attic, walls, basement, and duct systems. The blower door allows us to pinpoint specific areas where insulation or air sealing will improve the homeowners comfort.

Infrared Thermal Imagery

This technology allows us to look behind walls and identify thermal weak spots such as missing or improperly installed insulation. Used in conjunction with a blower door, infrared imaging can also be used to detect hidden air leaks.

This infrared scan reveals excessive heat loss through windows, walls, crawlspaces, attic, vents, and other portions of the thermal boundary. These infrared photos are included in your final Home Performance report.

Computer Modeling

After completing all of the field work detailed above, we will enter your home performance data into a powerful computer modeling tool.

By creating a “model” of your home, we will be able to prepare a detailed written report and presentation of our findings.

Following every diagnostic inspection, we will schedule an in-home meeting to deliver our detailed written report including all findings, improvement recommendations and costs as well as an analysis of your current energy expenditures.

Blower Door

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