Residential Concrete Lifting & Leveling


Lift & Stabilize
Your Sinking Concrete Slabs

An Affordable Solution To Unsafe Hardscapes

The ground is constantly shifting and settling. This movement can lead to uneven hardscape and sunken concrete slabs, which can pose a serious safety hazard. Plus, it looks unattractive.

Rather than rip apart your hardscape to fix the problem, consider concrete lifting by AGL Spray Foam! Using a durable expanding foam, we can fill the gaps between the concrete and the earth below, lifting sunken slabs and leveling the surface. Whether you need help with concrete leveling, sidewalk leveling, driveway leveling, or pool deck lifting and leveling, spray polyurethane foam is a quick, cost-effective, and convenient!

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How It Works

  1. The site is inspected to make sure that the correct polyurethane foam system is being used. Our first priority is the safety of your property, and we will be certain that the right materials are being used for your particular project.
  2. Once the area is cleared, 5/8″ holes are drilled to allow our injection hoses to reach beneath the concrete at the appropriate depth.
  3. Polyurethane foam is injected beneath the surface. Typically, the foam reaches 90% of full compression strength in as little as 15 minutes after being injected!
  4. The holes are patched up (a simple task, since they were so small to begin with!) the area is cleaned, and AGL Spray Foam leaves your property fully restored and safe for use.

Concrete Leveling Can Help Fix:


Concrete Stairs





Concrete Porches

Garage Floors

Pool Decks

Why Choose Polyurethane Foam For Concrete Leveling?

Polyurethane foam is one of the safest, most effective, and most efficient ways to lift or stabilize concrete. The nature of this material allows for far less pounds of foam to be used per job on average than other methods of concrete leveling. Once set, polyurethane foam is incredibly moisture resistant and durable. You can rest assured that the installation will withstand the test of time.

The use of spray foam is also much cheaper than the cost of ripping out your hardscape and completely reinstalling it. It’s quicker, too; polyurethane foam cures in minutes, meaning your sidewalk, driveway, or pool deck will be safe and ready to use in no time!

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