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Philadelphia Spray FoamSpray foam insulation is the perfect way to transform old construction into comfortable homes!

AGL Spray Foam teamed up with Osborne Construction to convert an old carriage house into a high efficiency living space. Naturally, such an old construction – which was not originally intended to be inhabited – was not well insulated.

After consulting with our team, Osborne asked us to install closed cell spray foam on the exterior walls and roof line. Not only would this benefit future residents, but it would also help Osborne with their construction and create a longer lasting new home.

Due to the age of the structure, the use of closed cell insulation will provide Osborne with the benefits of correct wall insulation R-values, a complete moisture and air barrier, and additional structural rigidity. The future residents will also be able to reap the benefits of a lifetime of comfort and lower utility bills.

AGL Spray Foam can help you live in comfort, whether your home is a centuries-old building or a new home in the middle of construction. Spray foam insulation can provide year-round comfort to you and your family!

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